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EX-560/570/575 05 type 
Retail ePOS terminals for
Grocery stores, Shopping Molls & Liquor stores etc.
RoHS Conform

EX-560/570/575-05 offers the high performance that can suit various requirements in retail markets. Max. 56,076 PLU can cover most business environments such as Super Market, Grocery Store, Shopping mall, and liquor store etc.

The bright & wide LCD with the scrolling function assists accuracy in fast moving operation to achieve quick service. Scanning/Scale/PC/Printer connectivities are all supported with standard. Furthermore, Multiple Card Reader Functions for payment/log on & off/stored track pick-up/discount and Magnetic i-Button for quick cashier log on/off are available as an option.
EX-500 series EX-500 series

Major Features of EX-560/570/575 05 type

  • LCD display (21 digits, 8 lines) with scroll functions
  • High speed thermal printer with Clamshell mechanism
  • Scanning system with 14 digits random PLU code having 22 digits PLU descriptor
  • Standard 2,026 PLUs, Max. 56,076 PLUs (option)
  • 99 group-As with stock control, 99 group-Bs and 10 main group-As
  • Bottle deposit / bottle return function by using 341 R. PLU (Recyclable PLU)
  • Store / Vendor Coupon PLU function
  • User friendly PLU programming in R & SP positions
  • 300 quantity discount tables for mix and match, multi-buy registrations, etc.
  • 1024 customer files
  • 3 age limitation tables
  • 99 cashiers with its own full transaction memory
  • 2048 amount tracks with one store memory and external amount track function
  • Euro Currency System
  • ESF buffer print with max. 7943 records of ESF memory (option)
  • 25 Media Keys + 10 Preset Tender Keys
  • 10 Arrangement Keys (50 key steps)
  • Card functions - Cashier sign on, Arrangement, Amount track, Adjustment, etc.
  • Scale Link

Inter Register Communications
  • 32 ECRs
  • Flash reports and flash downloading
  • PC communications with Tensai2000 via NA-720
  • 8 slip printers
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