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TX-875 03 type 
Hospitality ePOS Terminals
for Restaurants, Bars / Pubs, Fast-Food Stores
RoHS Conform

TX-875 is 10.4" Color TFT touch screen terminal based on the powerful & proven HMS (Hospitality Management System) firmware with ROM engine providing more stable operation and firm memory protection.

A high brightness angle adjustable display with a cutting edge color screen technology leads operators through smooth and accurate transactions promoting excellent customer service in today's competitive hospitality market.

Uninet using Ethernet (option) for 10M bps high speed IRC communication enables the IRC system to be configured to meet any busy environment with heavy data transfer.

Designed for ease of table & quick service application, TX-875 significantly reduces training times and takes advantage of its advanced software to provide numerous modern features such as Table plan function with compete table management prompting operators to control and understand table status of multiple locations in real time.

TX-875 is the perfect solution to meet any operational requirements of bars, restaurants, and quick service industry.

TX-870 TX-870
Major Features of TX-875-03
  • 10.4" Color TFT dual backlight touch screen display
  • Standard approx. 11,000 PLUs, Max. 25,000 PLUs with optional memory (memory shared)
  • 32 character PLU description
  • Max. 78 Look UP PLU to be allocated on screen
  • 8 major groups, 48 groups, 8 categories
  • Automatic menu/Price shift (5 levels)
  • Billing system
  • Table number system
  • 8 Locations
  • Standard 20 clerks, max. 255 clerks (memory shared)
  • Clerk Time & Attendance (32,000 records)
  • 255 Condiment groups
  • 72 Condiment PLUs per group
  • 64 Cooking instructions
  • 2 Modifiers
  • 2 Adjustments
  • 10 Arrangements/Macro (50 steps each)
  • 3 Percentages
  • 19 Foreign currency
  • Max. 9999 Customer files
  • Card functions: Clerk card, Customer card, Media card, Macro card, Room card, Table card
  • Topping feature
  • Seating system
  • Drive through
  • Training mode
  • Take out/eat in system with combo menu
  • Clerk open track list
  • Clerk track transfer
  • Automatic order number
  • Broadcast clerk time & attendance
  • Local slip printer (PC printer)
  • Scanner connection
  • IRC program downloading
  • ECR text translation for localization
  • Magnetic iButton (option)
  • Customer invoice
  • Table plan
  • Flash ROM firmware update via PC-IRC
  • Flash ROM firmware update from remote office by modem / Ethernet (option)
  • Journal transfer/monitoring by UDP streaming function (option)
  • Report polling/pushing-up and program maintenance by FTP function (option)
  • Screen saver
  • PLU quantity and Kg weight to three decimal places
  • Weight/Price embedded bar code
  • Interface with "Orderman" handheld terminal + Infineer smart card "UniSmart" (option)
  • Program Loader PLM 2000 supported
  • EPOS Alert supported
  • Real Time Stock Control by Group and PLU (option)
  • Web based sales analysis "DataSmart" supported (option)
  • Graphical buttons for PLU's, etc. and Table Plan (optional memory board required)
Inter Register Communications
  • 32 ECRs
  • High speed Ethernet communication (option)
  • Flash reports and flash program downloading
  • PC communications with Tensai2000
  • 8 kitchen printers
  • 8 slip printers
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