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SX-6600 03 type 
Hospitality ePOS Terminals
for Restaurants, Bars / Pubs, Fast-Food Stores
RoHS Conform

SX-6000 series, based on quality-proven authentic series UX-60/70/75 & SX-330, are now reborn as new generation ECRs in new stylish cabinet. With powerful software features like Customer File, Scrolling Display, various bill operations, etc, SX-6000 series fit for hospitality industries such as restaurant, food delivery services, etc.
SX-6000 series SX-6000 series

Major Features of SX-6600-03
  • Scanning system with 14 digits random PLU code
  • Standard 752 PLUs, Max. 5570 PLUs
  • 98 group-As with stock control, 25 group-Bs and 10 main group-As
  • 64 clerks with its own full transaction memory
  • Clerk interrupt including IRC floating clerk
  • Clerk time & attendance - 3780 records
  • Clerk report with specified PLU's sales data shows sales achievement by each clerk on certain items
  • Customer bill buffer records check-out bill contents excluding PLU contents
  • 1024 customer files make records of telephone number or VAT number, name and address
  • Scroll display functions including scroll void and item transfer
  • Transaction void allows you to cancel an entire transaction
  • Item track and amount track systems including IRC floating tracks
  • Simple condiment PLU - printed in red or vertically double-sized characters on kitchen printer
  • Euro currency system
  • Tray subtotal tendering
  • ESF buffer print with max. 7943 records of ESF memory
  • Ticketing function
  • 25 media keys + 10 preset tender keys
  • 4 arrangement keys (50 key steps)
  • Card functions - Clerk sign on, Arrangement, Amount track, Adjustment, etc.
  • PC batch communication, program loader module PLM 2000
Inter Register Communications
  • 32 ECRs
  • 8 kitchen printers
  • 8 slip printers
  • Flash reports and flash downloading
  • PC communications with Tensai2000
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