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HX-1500 03 type 
Hospitality ePOS Terminals
for Restaurants, Bars / Pubs, Fast-Food Stores
RoHS Conform

HX-1500 is 10.4" bezel-free and true-flat touch screen terminal with standard Ethernet interface in a stylish new cabinet, that has been developed based on Uniwell's 35 years of experience as a manufacturer who has focused exclusively on developing fast, reliable and affordable ECR and embedded EPOS systems.

Feel the innovation in technology; the HX-1500 is a new generation of POS terminal that has all the benefits and features found in high-end PC solutions but realized the efficiency and reliability of a ROM based system. A brand new platform of HX-1500 enables the terminal to equip sophisticated graphical user interface that makes all the operation on the touch screen intuitive and very user friendly.

Standard Ethernet interface with 100M bps speed enables not only the robust IRC system to meet busy restaurant environments but also the machine to be configured to communicate across standard PC networks with TCP/IP protocol, including the wide area networks to realize the various types of solution by the integration with third party devices.

HX-1500 has been equipped with Remote Access/Maintenance Function which allows us to solve your customers' questions / problems from a distant area so as to let dealers have customers' updated situation immediately.

Designed to meet the various needs of customers; the flexibility of the software enables the system to be configured for table service and quick service restaurants, fast food, take away, bars, nightclub, catering, hotel, leisure, sporting stadium, general and specialty retail stores.

The HX-1500 is the perfect solution for all kind of establishments that need reliable and speedy POS system.

Major Features of HX-1500-03 (V1.90)
  • 10.4" Color XGA LCD with LED backlight & bezel-free touch screen
  • PC keyboard & mouse attachable
  • Remote Access/Maintenance Function
  • NTP (Network Time Protocol) Supported
  • Enlarged fonts shown on the sales scroll area
  • Button Caption Length: 32 characters
  • Max. 50,000 PLUs
  • 32 character PLU description
  • Max. 150 PLU page (Look UP PLU) to be allocated on screen
  • 8 major groups, 99 groups, 8 categories
  • 255 Condiment groups, 50 Condiment PLUs per group
  • 99 Cooking instruction groups, 99 Cooking instructions
  • 7 price levels
  • Automatic menu/Price shift
  • 2 Modifiers
  • 3 Adjustments
  • 10 Percentages
  • 19 Foreign currency
  • 50 Arrangements/Macro (50 steps each)
  • Max. 255 clerks
  • 50 clerk security levels (No control lock)
  • Max. 1,310,000 EJF lines
  • Unlimited Periodical (archive) EJF lines stored in external memory
  • Max. 10,000 Customer files
  • Billing system
  • Bill Reactivation
  • Table number system
  • Seating system
  • Graphic Table plan
  • 8 Locations
  • Automatic PLU button assignment by Group or Sort key
  • Clerk open track list
  • Clerk track transfer
  • Split Bill
  • Take out/eat in system
  • Customer invoice
  • Customer Order function
  • Deposit Book function
  • Meal Deal function (advanced Mix & Match discount tables)
  • Loyalty function
  • Ticket Restaurant (Meal Coupon) function
  • Card functions: Clerk card, Customer card, Media card, Macro card, Room card, Table card, Loyalty Card (optional Card Reader required)
  • Independent inventory list for stock
  • Stock count display on PLU button
  • POS License function
  • Chinese/Arabic characters in PLU 2nd name printed on KP in kitchen
  • ECR text translation for localization
  • IRC program downloading
  • Automatic Program data download from FTP server
  • Remote firmware update
  • Journal transfer/monitoring by Ethernet
  • Report polling/pushing-up and program maintenance by FTP function
  • Link with Android Handheld Software "Phoenix"
  • Caller ID interface to create/pick up Customer File by phone number
  • PLU quantity and Kg weight to three decimal places
  • Weight/Price embedded bar code
  • Simple drive through
  • Printer sharing (Remote printer function)
  • Report saved in CSV format to USB/FTP
  • Wastage
  • Finger print reader (option)
  • Magnetic iButton (option)
  • LCD graphic customer display supported
  • USB scanner supported
  • Kitchen display system supported

Inter Register Communications
  • 10 ECRs
  • High speed Ethernet communication
  • Flash reports and flash program downloading
  • 20 receipt/kitchen printers
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