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EX-560/570/575 03 type 
Hospitality ePOS Terminals
for Restaurants, Bars / Pubs, Fast-Food Stores
RoHS Conform

Exceptionally bright LCD screen with wide viewing angle plus various information shown on screen make your business different from today! With the help of background/letter color choice and display method selection of enlarged single item or multiple items, EX-560/575/570 series enable accurate/fast operations in various environment.

With the choice of printer, 2 sheet dot matrix printer, 1 sheet or 2 sheet thermal printer with drop-in paper loading mechanism, EX-560/575/570 series will satisfy various industries' requirements.

Connectivity makes EX-560/575/570 series further different - Inter Register Communication, kitchen/slip printers, one of PC, scanner, scale or EFT terminal connection, or more with optional interface board.
EX-500 series EX-500 series

Major Features of EX-560/575/570 03 type

  • LCD display (21 digits, 8 lines) with scroll functions
  • High speed thermal printer with Clamshell mechanism
  • Scanning system with 14 digits random PLU code having 22 digits PLU descriptor
  • Standard 780 PLUs, Max. 34068 PLUs (option)
  • 98 group-As with stock control, 25 group-Bs and 10 main group-As
  • 64 clerks with its own full transaction memory
  • Clerk Interrupt system including IRC floating clerk
  • Clerk Time & Attendance - 3780 records (option)
  • Clerk report with specified 20 PLUs or 20 group-As sales data or optional 1000 PLUs
  • Clerk iButton (option)
  • Customer Bill buffer records check-out bill contents excluding PLU contents (option)
  • 1024 Customer Files make records of telephone number or VAT number, name and address - these information are issued on the bills for delivery service market, etc. (option)
  • Item track system and amount track system (option) including IRC floating tracks
  • Scroll Void
  • Transaction Void
  • Item Transfer to an Item Track
  • Simple Condiment PLU
  • Euro Currency System
  • Tray Subtotal Tendering
  • ESF buffer print with max. 7943 records of ESF memory (option)
  • Ticketing Function
  • 25 Media Keys + 10 Preset Tender Keys
  • 10 Arrangement Keys (50 key steps)
  • Card functions - Clerk sign on by card, Arrangement card, Amount track card, Adjustment card, Card payment including real-time card verification with a PC via IRC line
  • Scale Link

Inter Register Communications
  • 32 ECRs
  • Flash reports and flash downloading
  • Floating clerk, floating track
  • PC communications with Tensai2000
  • 8 kitchen printers
  • 8 slip printers
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